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FM Radio Earmuff

This new hearing protection with FM radio has a new headband that centralises the pressure on the headband, giving less pressure on the ears.
It has improved attenuation and improved sound quality. The ear muffs are individually designed for the left and right ear, meaning that they follow the shape of the head. This gives a perfect fit for all ears.
Has Audio input 3.5mm (AUX) for mp3 or communication radio.
Noise reduction - SNR - 27dB(A).
Meets requirements of EN352-3:2002, EN352-6:2002 and EN352-8:2008.
$ 185.00
Rec. retail price incl GST
Finance Option5 Year Warranty Enquire Now


Easy to use buttons

Large easy to use buttons

Easy battery change

The batteries can easily be changed from the outside

 Noise reduction
SNR27 dB(A)

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