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Trimmer head R25 - Rapid Replace

Husqvarna Trimmer Head R25 with Rapid Replace streamlines and simplifies the trimmer line reloading process. Enables quick reload of trimmer line without dissembling the head. Simply align, feed and twist the knob and be back to trimming in no time! When the line is too short – tap the trimmer head to the ground to feed out new line. Easy and reliable!
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Finance Option5 Year Warranty Enquire Now


Durability 4/5

Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.

Easy use

Trimmer heads that are easy to attach, load and use. Line feds automatically while working with the "tap and go" function. It has an open eyelet design to facilitate loading the trimmer line. Recommended for unaccustomed users.

Load line from outside

Line-loading without opening the trimmer head.


This product is best suited for trimming grass

RapidReplace Trimmer Head

You can reload the trimmer line easily without opening the cover. Pull the line through the trimmer head and just turn the tap’n’go knob.

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